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A Day in Syria: April 9th 2018

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A Day in Syria: April 9th 2018

By Caroline Pearse & H. E.

  • The T4 military airport in the province of Homs in Syria was targeted last night by several missiles probably launched by the Israeli aviation while overflying the Lebanon. Several victims have been reported by the regime, among them officers. The airport also shelters an Iranian military base.
  • The alleged Israeli attack of the T4 Syrian military airport has taken place in the aftermath of the poison gas massacre in the eastern suburb of Damas, massacre committed by the Syrian aviation. Israeli Chief Rabbi had declared yesterday that the Syrian people had to be saved from genocide.
  • According to the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (OSDH), at least 14 fighters, including Iranians, have been killed in the strike that targeted earlier on Monday a regime military base (T4) in the centre of Syria

A demonstration in Idlib against the slaughter of Douma

  • A meeting at the UN Security Council is taking place tonight regarding the chemical attack on the population of the city of Douma committed by the Syrian regime. This meeting has been demanded by France.
  • The UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, expressed his deep concern yesterday about the renewed violence in Douma in Ghouta. He is particularly concerned about the “allegations” that chemical weapons might have been used against civilians in Douma.
Hommage à Douma, de la ville de Khan Cheikhoun déjà victime d'armes chimiques en 2017

Tribute to Douma, from Khan Cheikhoun already victim of chemical weapon in 2017

  • The US Defense Secretary, James Mattis, has declared today that the USA could not exclude a military operation in Syria in response to the chemical attack on Douma in Eastern Ghouta.
  • The American President, Donald Trump, has announced his intention today to take a decisive resolution concerning Syria in the next 24 to 48 hours.


  • According to “Libération”: British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has demanded a “strong international response” to reported Syria poison attack. He wishes that “a complete range of options be set on the table” at the meeting of the UN Security Council postponed until 7pm GMT.
  • The Russian Foreign Minister has declared that Russia « found » no chemical substance in Douma.


  • The Organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons, OPCW, has announced today the opening of an investigation concerning the last “alleged” chemical attack.
  • Concerning the chemical massacre of Douma, Doctor Anas Chaker, spokesman of the UOSSM in France, Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations, has declared today that the signs are the same as the ones they saw in 2013 in Damas (…), and that there were no doubts about the use of a neurotoxic gas combined with a massive use of chlorine.


  • Two civilians have been killed and 4 others injured by an explosion in a factory in the village of Hazra close to Al-Dana. The Civil Defense teams have worked on searching and rescuing the victims and the injured persons.
Les dégâts à l'usine d'Al-Dana

Damage at Al-Dana factory

  • Russian air raids have targeted today the village of Al-Naqeer in the southern countryside of Alep
  • The regime artillery has bombed today the surroundings of the town of Haiian in the Northern province of Alep.
  • According to the Syrian White Helmets, the regime artillery has bombed again today the villages of Almakramya and Alrastan in the north of Homs, which led to 3 victims, among them 2 persons from the same family : a mother and her daughter.


  • The Syrian Network of Human Rights, SNHR, recorded in March 2018 56 attacks by the regime army and its allies on vital civil facilities, among them 23 on Eastern Ghouta.


  • The city of Idlib has been targeted by Russian missiles tonight, probably cruise missiles. At this time 15 victims have been reported and almost 50 persons injured.
La Défense civile recherche les blessés ou les victimes à Idlib

Civil defense looking for victims under the rubbles in Idlib

  • Ziad Majed, Professor of Middle East Studies at the American University in Paris, has confirmed today during the Bourdin Direct program on RMC that “there are documented reports about thousands of raped women in the regime prisons”.

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