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A Day in Syria: May 10th 2018

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A Day in Syria: May 10th 2018

By Caroline Pearse & Ziad Arbaji

  • Iranian forces based in Syria launched around twenty missiles on the Israeli territory. The Israeli army responded violently and bombed several positions of the Syrian Army and pro-Iranian militias near its borders and near Damascus.
  • The Israeli army targeted positions of the Syrian army with artillery fire in the city of Al-Baath in the south of Syria last night.
Le ciel de Damas pendant la nuit dernière

The sky of Damascus last night

  • Anti-aircraft missiles were launched by the Syrian air defense against Israeli missiles targeting military sites around Damascus.
  • Syrian military airports hit by Israel last night are : Al-Thaala, Al-Mazzeh, Bali, Khakhalah, et Al-Dhumeir. Other military sites were also targeted.


  • According to Russian media, Israel had warned Russia about last night strikes on Iranian sites in Syria.


  • The Syrian opposition in the province of Homs announced the suspension of the deportation convoys, in agreement with Russia. The first two convoys were blocked on the roads because of a lack of permission from Turkey.


  • Britain could increase its funding to the Syrian volunteer rescue group, the White Helmets, following reports that Donald Trump is withdrawing US support.
La défense civile syrienne intervient dans les camps de réfugiés

The White Helmets are present in the deportees camps

  • According to Europe 1, during his visit to Germany, the French President Emmanuel Macron said that the Iranian nuclear issue is a test for “European sovereignty”. On the Iranian issue, the Europeans are united against Washington. Paris and Berlin quickly reacted with London Tuesday night regretting the decision of Donald Trump they failed to convince to change his mind.


  • According to France24, the American withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal shows the radical shift of mindset of the American diplomacy in the Middle East. It drives the region into the unknown, while tensions are strong between the Shia power and Israel.


  • A Turkish reconnaissance team was travelling in the northern province of Hama. The aim would be to create a new observation base of the Turkish army in Syria.


  • Speaking after meeting the British foreign secretary Boris Johnson yesterday, the chair of the Syrian Negotiations Committee, Nasr Al-Hariri, insisted on the importance of new sanctions on Russia and Iran.

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