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Une semaine sur la Syrie, 45e semaine de 2019

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Une semaine sur la Syrie,

45e semaine de l’an 2019

Grâce à notre inlassable veilleur et archiviste, cette rubrique offre chaque semaine une sélection d’articles, informations, études et rapports glanés sur la semaine qui précède. En fin de rubrique, une série d’évènements de la semaine à venir est proposée.

Artwork by Miream Salameh
all rights reserved.
With her kind permission.

Agir pour Idlib :

-Idlib resists- The ongoing protests in Idlib :

@waadalkateab We are overwhelmed with the support flooding in for  @forsamafilm – thank you. If you’d like to get involved with our campaign, #actionforsama, head over to  @watts_edward @Hamza_Alkateab

Dîner de solidarité 2019, Gala UOSSM,  à l’Institut du monde arabe le vendredi 22 novembre à partir de 19h30 ! « La guerre n’est pas finie en Syrie ! », Réservation

1– Rapports et Etudes: -The Most Notable Human Rights Violations et autres exactions as a Result of the Conflict in Syria in Octobre 2019.

-New Configuration in the Syrian Regime’s Security Structure… an important piece by   @GhadawiAbdullah


-In the last 10 days, Assad regime &Russia attacked: 5 Schools, 2 universities, , one church, Three White Helmets centers, two medical points, 2 gardens, a play ground and 3 civil markets.

#Syrie : des dizaines de milliers de personnes menacées par le froid hivernal dans le nord-est… via @LeMondeArabe

-Situation militaire dans la région d’#Idlib : bombardements intensifs des aviations russe et syrienne sur les positions rebelles. L’armée syrienne renforce ses positions sur plusieurs fronts.

-Analysis: “As battle fronts are redrawn in #Syria‘s north, will Idlib, the country’s last remaining rebel stronghold, be spared a major regime onslaught?“

-Aux côtés des Casques blancs en #Syrie, la routine des crimes de guerre russe.

– Inside Idlib:

Meanwhile Idlibis are literally carving up caves in order to have a place safe from bombing for their children.

-#Russian forces carried out an #Attack on al Ikhlas #Hospital in Shnan village in #Idlib suburbs. As a result, the hospital went out of service, on Nov 6. #Syria

#Syrie : deux infrastructures médicales bombardées

#SyrianRegime forces shelled the vegetables #Market in #JisrAlShoghour city in #Idlib suburbs, partially destroying several shops, Nov 4. #Syria

3- SDF et Turquie:

– Now we await our fate’ – “Since the start of #Turkey‘s offensive on October 9, local activists say more than two dozen #Yazidi villages have been nearly deserted“

-Since Turkey’s incursion into northeast Syria, there has been mounting evidence of war crimes perpetrated against civilians in the region. Several countries have responded to the offensive by banning or freezing arms exports to Turkey.

4-Kurdes et syriens: –Soutenir l’autodétermination du peuple kurde sans oublier la résistance syrienne au boucher #Assad #Syrie

5- The Syrian National Army

-For the Syrian revolution or against the Kurds?

-The Syrian National Army issues the « Code of Conduct »

-Turkish-backed ‘Syrian National Army’ views Turkish-Russian agreement on NE Syria:says agreement is fragile & doesn’t mean Turkey abandoned Syrian revolution.’Terrorist’ threat remains & Turkey’s interests mean long-term alliance w/revolution.

-An interview with the deputy commander of the ‘Men of War Brigade’, another of the newer formations in the Turkish-backed ‘Syrian National Army’

6-Aide humanitaire:  – UNHCR Syria Situation Report for the North East Syria Humanitarian Emergency (As of 02 November 2019) ReliefWeb #AlAin #AlAinNews


Self-sabotage Dismantling education in Syria’s. Idlib An alarming piece about education and schools in #Idlib, #Syria. Please read how bad is the outlook for almost 2million school-age kids in there. Thanks  @SynapsNetwork for objectively covering this disaster.


-Refugees must first and foremost be heard in decision-making forums on issues affecting their lives and their rights. We decide on how and when to share our stories. As Rifai Tammas explains: we are not objects or vehicles of inspiration and sympathy.

-This for Turkey is « voluntary » repatriation: « I was deported with about 35 Syrians on a large bus. They handcuffed us and…they beat some of the men on the bus with truncheons….We all spoke with each other [and] no one wanted to go back to Syria. »

-Les exilés #syrie ns en Turquie face à un dilemme : rester ou rentrer via @FRANCE24

-Peckham charity nets DFID funding to help Syrian refugees in Lebanon go to university – Southwark News

-Refugees life in Greece #Syria

8- Le régime et la société :

– After stealing their dream of freedom, Damascus goes after #Syrian s’ assets

#Syrie. Les mots de la violence d’État,3398

-Families of 130,000 Syrians don’t know if their loved ones r even alive The 8 year Syrian war has realigned the regional order but the systematic regime of fear persists Assad regime crimes continue unabated By the always excellent: @kshaheen

-Deraa: -Today in #Daraa #Syria: There are secured areas that enjoy better service delivery & other areas where state governance is poor and political violence is increasing What explains this variation? Latest recent developments in #Daraa

-The #Lawyers were dismissed for opposing the #Syrian regime. #Daraa #Arbitrary_Dismissal #Quneitra

-What can be done to bring stability and security to Daraa?

SyrianRegime forces #Arrested tens of civilians in the cities of Douma and Harasta in #EasternGhouta in #DamascusSuburbs, Nov 2. #Syria

9- Syrian Constitutional Committee:

– A festival of inanity: Assad himself says the Syrian « constitutional committee » is meaningless. Why is the rest of the world going along with this UN-sponsored charade?

-Much has been made of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, which met for the first time last month, but what role will the new body play in shaping Syria’s future? Read our interview with Syrian lawyer Kamal Salman on the Syrian Constitutional Committee.

-The Syrian Constitutional Committee finished its first meeting in Geneva; however, the most important issues are not yet on the table. My thoughts to  @MiddleEastInst


Al-Baghdadi est mort mais le soutien de l’Occident aux dictateurs entretient l’incendie #Syrie

– “A #US special forces raid in Idlib province last week saw IS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi taken out, yet the group poses an even deadlier threat to civilians in #Syria

11- Les nouvelles consciences de la société syrienne :

-Demonstrations in « Al-Shajara » town, west of Daraa, calling for expelling Iran and release detainees

-Omar is a member of Kesh Malek’s Youth Citizens’ Club. Telling his story during the revolution, the media work, and the Youths Citizens’ Club Full movie

– Il était en train de prendre des photos, ce qu’il découvre près des décombres lui brise le cœur #Syrie

-First judo championship organized in #IdlibEnab Baladi #Syria

-How Ugarit restaurant in Huddersfield is looking to add to the town’s nightlife

-The organic, grassroots response to northeast Syria’s humanitarian crisis is a microcosm of the war: Syrians survive while the world abandons them. Great piece from  @SofiaBarbarani

#Syrie : que sont devenus les enfants de Deraa, dont l’arrestation en 2011 a été l’étincelle de la révolte?… via  @lejdd

-From  @TheWorldToday The Reality of Healthcare in Conflict – Dr Hamza al-Kateab, who features in the multi award-winning documentary For Sama, talks to Sarah Whitehouse about what he learned in east Aleppo’s last remaining hospital.

12- Justice & vérité :

-En l’absence de justice et de réelles solutions pour la #Syrie et le Moyen-Orient, le désespoir et la misère alimenteront une nouvelle explosion, à côté de laquelle les précédentes paraîtront des épiphénomènes.

– Blacklist: book on war criminals in #Syria #TJCG… via  @tjcg

-“Germany’s efforts to prosecute two Syrians who are believed to have committed war crimes under #Assad barely scratches the surface of the #Syrian regime’s crimes“


-@samdagher thinks #UN negotiations re: #Syria are “the greatest gift to Bashar al-Assad” b/c the regime has played this game from the get-go, telling the world that they’ll take part in negotiations, but using this time to plan how to remain in power.


– According to the sources, military equipment, including advanced radars, arrived at Conoco field, that is taken as a base by the international coalition, and the radars were activated there on friday morning.

15- Russie : – WANTED — For targeting hospitals: • Colonel-General Andrey Serdyukov • Lieutenant-General Andrey Yudin • Colonel-General Sergei Surovikin • Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu • President Vladimir Putin

16-Analyse et politique:

-This long essay from  @KarlreMarks makes good points throughout: “The Retreat from Universalism in the Middle East and the World”

17-Photographie :

-The urban shepherd of #Parisphoto essay @abdfree2

18-Dessins :

#Syrie: Ces dessins d’enfants vont vous bouleverser… via @20min

19- Livre:

-Quatre idiots en #Syrie

20-Poésie :  

-“Habibi, I never thought our children would write HELP US on cardboard. Let’s try to remember how we met years ago, back home.”

21-Film :

Review: A searing picture of the #Syria crisis in documentary ‘The Cave’


-« Les idées ne peuvent mourir » : un rappeur #syrie n sur la ligne de front


-Listen: The latest episode of Babel is out, which includes an interview with @EliotHiggins of  @bellingcat about Russia’s disinformation campaigns.

24-Les Syriens:

-Qui est cette jeune fille, cinq fois championne de #Syrie d’échecs, et grand espoir de l’AJ Auxerre

#Syria n refugee student wins State scholarship

25- La Syrie à Paris:

-Séances film For Sama, avec débats. The film documents life in Aleppo through 6 years of the Syrian conflict, capturing the horror of the war alongside the most pivotal, joyful moments of life.

Pourquoi il faut voir le déchirant “Pour Sama, journal d’une mère #syrie nne” « C’est un film sur l’horreur qui donne de la force de vie. Un film à voir pour aider les Syriens. Le monde entier devrait se mobiliser pour aider cette population.  »,-journal-dune-mere-syrienne,n6488227.php

13-17 Novembre, 14-18h, Dessiner pour ne pas oublier, Exposition de gravures de Najah Albukai

-Mercredi 13 Novembre, 19h, Abdulmonam Eassa + Leroy & Van der Stockt @61,

-Vendredi 15 Novembre, 21h, Concert d’électro-chaâbi – Neshama,

Samedi 16 Novembre 17h, Soirée Kurde / Kurdish evening

-Samedi 16 Novembre 19h, Nuit de la poésie 2019,

-Dimanche 17 Novembre, 15h, Bal Pop’ spécial Maghreb & Monde Arabe au 104 !