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Une semaine sur la Syrie, Semaine 20 de 2020

Une semaine sur la Syrie,

Semaine 20 de l’an 2020

Nous continuons inlassablement, grâce à notre infatigable veilleur et archiviste, à offrir à nos lecteurs cette rubrique hebdomadaire composée d’une sélection d’articles, informations, études et rapports glanés sur la semaine qui précède.

« Une sélection d’événements, études, articles et rapports sur la Syrie et la vie des syriens en une semaine, dense et variée, très exhaustive. « 

Sketch from eyewitness photo in Moria camp, Lesbos, by the american artist Marc Nelson.


1– Rapports et Etudes:

-Read @CarnegieMEC‘s newest Syria series: Contentious Politics in the Syrian Conflict, featuring familiar faces @amr_alsarraj @AssaadAlachi @zyadalfares @jomanaqaddour

Contentious Politics in the Syrian Conflict: Opposition, Representation, and Resistance

-« Brothers in Arms — In recent years #Syria’s military has been characterized by an unprecedented degree of sectarianism. » – from Muhsen al-Mostafa, expanding on a recent @OmranDirasat paper.


Manifestation in Idlib, il y a quelques jours,

-Continuité pédagogique #Syrie VIDÉO : L’école via WhatsApp dans les camps de déplacés syriens

-Idlib cease-fire longest truce in 9 years of war, #Syria n opposition says

– Ramadan drummer among the tents awakens #Syria‘s displaced… via @TheNationalUAE

-Des volontaires #syrie ns produisent des masques à Idlib

-Ikram, manager of Maternity Hospital in #Idlib. Gates with #Turkey were closed. The 20 ventilators in #Idlib are usually full with newborns. If #COVID19 spreads, it will be a real disaster.

Silencing the Guns in Syria’s Idlib With the Syrian regime’s offensive in Idlib paused, the time is now for a deal sparing the rebellion’s last stronghold the full wrath of reconquest. The parties should pursue an improved ceasefire including the regime, Russia, Turkey and the Islamist militants entrenched in the province. The last stronghold of the Syrian opposition, and what’s to be done about the hard-line rebel faction ruling it, Hayat Tahrir a-Sham

3-Agir pour Idlib :

-Molham Volunteering Team

– Violet organization

@SyriaRandD ! SRD is tirelessly working to support families displaced in Idleb as attacks intensify. They have many campaigns so pick a campaign to support!

4-Coronavirus and Syria:

-En pleine crise du coronavirus, le cauchemar continue en #Syrie… via @GlobalVoicesFr

-latest Coronavirus update: ‣ Syrian gov has quietly quarantined returnees from China since early February ‣ Still no local infections across northwest as capacities slowly expand ‣ Friction between Syrian gov and local AA undermines effort in NES

5-Aide humanitaire:

– No doctors or aid: Thousands of #Syria n refugees at risk in Rukban camp: Amnesty

-Two months from today, the UN’s mandate for conducting cross-border operations to northwest Syria will expire. I wrote a report about the implications and steps the US can take to enhance its leverage in the debate:

-A vital UN aid lifeline is needed more than ever as almost 1 million civilians displaced by Syria and Russia’s brutal offensive on Idlib. New @amnesty report.-

6- Refugees:

#Syria n refugee women face new COVID-19 battleground:…

– The Killing of Muhammad Gulzar  by Greek’s police on border, full investigation into the shooting, from @bellingcat Le régime et la société :

#Syria’s oil and mineral resources ministry announced Saturday a reduction in automobile fuel subsidies, the latest government measure to tackle a deepening economic crisis.

-« The economic Networks of the #4th_division during the #Syrian_conflict. more about Khodr Ali Taher,  «

-« Economic anxiety continues despite #Assad‘s speech on #COVID19. » This, by

@rohadvani , is an overview of #Syria‘s dire economic state of affairs. (& FWIW, the SYP reached 1485 to the USD today)

#Syria’s Assad replaces trade minister amid economic crisis

-The sources said that this counterfeit currency was produced by officers of Assad’s forces and Iranian militias, and that the civilians who fall into the trap of this currency cannot report it to the authorities,

-Local sources told Deir Ezzor 24 network that elders from the countryside of Al-Bukamal city, mostly from Al-Salhiyah village, have filed a complaint to officials of Assad’s forces against a military checkpoint in Al-Salhiyah town.

8-Le clan Assad:

– The rise & fall of Rami Makhlouf: Profile of Rami Makhlouf, by Jihad Yazigi; His emergence in the first decade of Assad’s presidency, his adaptation to the challenges brought by the 2011 popular uprising, and his gradual side-lining.

– ‘With the side-lining of Makhlouf, a page has been turned in Syria’s Bashar era. Makhlouf’s rise was strongly associated with Assad’s. It‘s unclear what implications his fall will have

#Makhlouf #Assad spat strikes at ruling #Alawite sect, says this article in @TheNationalUAE  . Mass-murdering mafiosi, who have ruled & robbed #Syria through unimaginable terror & #sectarian violence since 1963.

-An insider take on the Makhlouf saga for @CGPdc Enjoy.


-Russia continues to facilitate the Assad regimes crimes against humanity. This new report from

@amnesty details deliberate Russian & Syrian regime attacks against hospitals on the UN’s ‘do not target’ list

-« Moscow’s War in SyriaThis 100+ page report is brilliant & incredibly comprehensive.  An invaluable resource.

10 Turkey: 

Anger is an unsurprising development & also not necessarily one that’ll torpedo what is a good initiative [at last] considered by both sides (#KNC & #PYD/#SDF) as a good idea. Ironic too that #Mazloum « reached out » to #KNC right after #Turkey‘s NE incursion…

11- Israel: -How does Israel keep getting past #Syria’s air defenses?


Tactical Change Or Withdrawal? Iran’s Syria Strategy Analyzed Amid Reports Of Force Reductions

13-Interview :

@GeopolisB  Benjamin Peltier est spécialiste de la Syrie, podcast  sur la SYRIE. GUERRE SANS FIN ?

14- Les nouvelles consciences de la société syrienne :

-Paris. Aller de l’avant: la résilience des réfugiés #syrie ns en France face au coronavirus

– Besançon. Une jeune #syrie nne et une accordéoniste bisontine jouent et chantent Grande-rue

@omarsouleimane Comment vivre le retour à l’anormal En 2011, la révolution #syrie n’était pas du tout un mouvement normal, dans un pays contrôlé par un dictateur. Personne n’avait l’expérience. Une immunité psychologique incroyable protégeait les militants.

– From #Syria to Salinas: Hartnell student earns one of the top scholarships in the U.S. Hartnell sophomore Jenel Fraij earned the prestigious Cooke Foundation Scholarship this year for when she transfers to UCLA this fall. May 1, 2020.

-Refuge and Fear in Trump’s America ,Riyad Alkasem left #Syria for America 26 years ago, fleeing tyranny and despair. He arrived expecting utopia, and he found it. He never expected American bigotry. But he found that too.… via @ringer

100 Faces of the Revolution The faces behind the numbers. A group of excellent activists from around the world have come together to work on this. 100 stories behind the revolution.

15- Justice:

– On April 23, the much-anticipated trial of Anwar R. and Eyad A. began in #Germany. SJAC is excited to share its first trial monitoring report, detailing the first four days of proceedings. #alkhatibtrial Here are the highlights:

-Episode 3, Two Anwars @KaramShoumali @FritzStreiff

-Colonel and I. It was the first time in my life that I was not intimidated by one of Assad’s ‘security’ officers. » Looking into the eyes of a torturer… #Branch251 via @MansourOmari

16- Justice , Daech,:

@FADELABDULGHANY, the director of SNHR, told @SyriaDirect that “international organizations are not allowed to visit [the SDF-run] prisons & inspect their conditions,” which he described as a “disaster” due to their poor living conditions.

– How transitional justice can provide alternative avenues for holding local #ISIS members to account while contributing to the healing of communities in NE #Syria.… via


17-Art :

 –En solidarité avec La Journée Mondiale des Infirmières, Par l’artiste syrienne Diala Brisly.

-How a #Syria n artist is making art from the horrors of war… via @MiddleEastMnt


-Confinés pendant 4 ans à Daraya, de jeunes Syriens ont transformé la brutalité en beauté, en créant 1 bibliothèque clandestine. Merci à la conteuse Jennifer Anderson pour sa lecture en accès libre en ces temps où des villes entières sont confinées.

–Hymne à la liberté  « Les Passeurs de livres de #Daraya » de @DelphineMinoui : la formidable histoire de la bibliothèque clandestine #syrie nne relatée par une conteuse. Les 15 épisodes du 11 au 26 mai 2020 à 17h sur le site « Allo Conteur[twitter]-

 -En anglais: 

Inside A Secret Library In #Syria #Daraya | 1A

-Review: #Syria‘s Secret Library by Mike Thomson… via @HlibraryofLife


#Syria n ballet dancer performs in eerily empty Paris @SameerAlDoumy… via @TheNationalUAE

20-Vidéo :

-Glimpse Of a Quarantine. #Syrie #Paris

21-Les Syriens:

-Syrian man dies in Glasgow amid fears over refugees’ mental health

– Le Petit #Alep : toujours aux fourneaux à 76 ans #Syrie . Jacqueline Frangié, Arménienne élevée en Syrie, est toujours en cuisine… à 76 ans. Le coronavirus ? Bof. Elle en a vu d’autres. Au Petit Alep, sa fille, Tania, raconte des bribes de l’histoire familiale et rend hommage à sa maman, à deux tables de distance !… via @lp_lapresse

– La créatrice, Sally Shihabi, #Syrie « Par émotion et passion, je suis là pour réaliser votre rêve de petite fille. »

-UK fund gives #Syria designer emergency grant – Middle East Monitor | via @MiddleEastMnt

22- La Syrie en virtuelle, Global Syria :

En direct d’Idlib Le vidéoclip est produit par Bidayyat et Rusol, et réalisé par Said al-Batal qui ramène des souvenirs de la ville pendant la révolution.

-Rime Allaf |Constitution.  Towards Accountability and Rule of Law in Syria

– « Displacement During COVID-19: an Urgent Humanitarian Imperative » with Kieren Barnes, @Aya_Majzoub @sahloul and  @rmslim #MEIEvents

– Conference. Maximum Pressure on the #Assad Regime for its Chemical Weapons Use and Other Atrocities #Syria

– Géopolitique : le monde de l’après Covid (4/4) : De la Libye à la #Syrie, quand le virus fait bouger les lignes de front via @ziadmajed @JMJalel_H @franceculture