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A Day in Syria: March 25th 2018

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A Day in Syria: March 25th 2018

By Caroline Pearse

  • According to the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) 871 civilians, among them 179 children, have been killed by bombings on Eastern Ghouta during the month that followed UN Security Council resolution 2401.


  • The regime army bombed the city of Douma today, the last bastion of the Eastern Ghouta opposition. After the fall of Harasta, this city was surrounded from all sides by the regime and its militias.


  • According to the agreement between Russia and Faylak Al-Rahmane concerning Eastern Ghouta, the second wave of deported inhabitants has left today heading north. At the same time, other inhabitants chose to stay in the accommodation centres which are schools or barracks controlled by the regime.
  • The deportees of Jobar city in Eastern Ghouta have reached the last barricade of the regime today, a barricade located in Qalaat Al-Madiq, heading north.
The buses of deportees of Jobar reaching to the north

The buses of deportees of Jobar reaching to the north

  • The Russian and regime airforce have overflown the deportees from Arbin (from the Ghouta) who arrived today in Maarat Al-Numan, in the province of Idlib. The airforce also made a threatening air raid over the neighbouring lands.


  • During the evacuation of Harasta city, the regime started to undertake road works to open the motorway Damas-Homs that passes close by this city.
  • Today the Syrian Army and its pro Iranian militias have continued to ransack houses abandoned by their owners in Eastern Ghouta. Tens of trucks were seen while transporting furniture and household electrical appliances towards the area of Och Alwarwar and the Al- Moadhamiah city.


  • An attack in the city centre of Jarablus in the Eastern province of Aleppo today has left 13 persons wounded, including 4 children. The city is controlled by the opposition backed by Turkey.
The attack in the center of Jarablus

The attack in the center of Jarablus

  • Today the regime army has bombed Dael city in the province of Deraa in the south of the country.
  • Today the pro regime militias of Jourin city have bombed the Zeizoun village and its farmlands. No victims were recorded.


  • Tens of corpses have been found close to the lake of Maydanki, next to Afrin city. According to local sources, the remains which belonged to ASL fighters were transferred to the cemetery close to Aazaz city.


  • The picture of the day: a handicapped deportee from Eastern Ghouta, with eyes full of tears and farewell.
Eastern Ghouta : the last look

Eastern Ghouta : the last look


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