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A Day in Syria: May 3rd 2018

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A Day in Syria: May 3rd 2018

By Caroline Pearse & Ziad Arbaji

  • Dozens of buses entered Babila, Beit Sahm and Yalda neighborhoods in the south of Damascus today to carry hundreds of FSA fighters and opponents with their families, deported to the provinve of Aleppo, in northern Syria.

Babila, Beit Sahm : deportation towards the unknown

  • A car bomb exploded near the International Relief Committee center, IRC, in the town of Al-Dana, in the north of Idlib. Eight victims and several injured inhabitants were reported.
La voiture piégée près de l'IRC

The car bomb near the IRC

  • An explosive charge exploded in the city center of al-Sanamayn in the northern province of Deraa. Civilians were injured.
  • Several children died due to landmine explosion in al-Nashwa al-Gharbiya neighborhood of al-Hasaka city in eastern Syria yesterday.


  • Mohamad Allouch, the head of Jaych Al-Islam, the largest armed opposition group that withdrew from eastern Ghouta, has resigned today.
  • The former head of the Free Police of Eastern Ghouta, Abu Khaled Al-Zaghloul and his wife died near Afrin because of a landmine.


  • Britain’s RAF airstrike against Isis fighters in Syria unintentionally killed a civilian, says Gavin Williamson. The British Defense Minister said “while death was ‘deeply regrettable’ it will ‘not weaken our resolve to defeat’ terror group”.


  • According to Masar Press Agency, the Turkish humanitarian relief agency opened an industrial bakery that produces 35,000 loaves a day in the town of Sarmada, north of Idlib. The bakery will provide service to the families from eastern Ghouta recently displaced to Idlib.


  • Today, on World Press Freedom Day, the Syrie News and Syrie24h team pay tribute to all journalists and free reporters. The team also pays tribute to the journalists who died while working or detained in Syria or elsewhere. Syria is at the bottom of the list of countries as far as press freedom is concerned.


  • The picture of the day : the position of the Russian jet fighter that fell this morning in front of the coastal city of Jableh. Both pilots died in the crash.
Le plongeon du chasseur russe en méditerranée

The Russian jet fighter explosion

A Day in Syria: May 2nd 2018

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