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A Day in Syria: May 5th 2018

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A Day in Syria: May 5th 2018

By Caroline Pearse & Ziad Arbaji

  • A regulation was issued by the Syrian regime imposing on imams of Eastern Ghouta mosques to respect prescriptions in their speeches and to make invocations for Bashar al-Assad.


  • The bombing of the Al-Yarmouk camp in southern Damascus by the regime and its militias resumed on Saturday morning.


  • Two children died because of the explosion of a mine left by a cluster bomb previously dropped by the regime in Hayan locality in Aleppo province.
  • Air raids, the night of Friday to Saturday, on the village of Al-Naqeer in province of Idlib, led to four victims, all civilians, and several injured.
La destruction après les raids sur Al-Naqeer

Destruction caused by raids on Al-Naqeer

  • The Head of Defence of the French armies, General François Lecointre, “can not imagine” that American troops withdraw from Syria before the eradication of Daesh. He would suggest the withdrawal of French allied troops.


  • Following the arrest of the doctor Mahmoud Al-Sayeh at the Al-Bab hospital in northern Syria, by a group of the FSA (Free Syrian Army), the coordination of the city called for a general strike today. Al-Hamzat’s group had entered the hospitals several times. The group also arrested a nurse at Al-Salam hospital and fired shots in the air inside the hospital compound. Surveillance videos were published in support.
  • A demonstration took place this Saturday in the city of Al-Bab, northern Syria, against the aggression and arrest of hospital staff. Al-Hamzat’s group dismissed the fighters responsible for these acts, without further details regarding possible judiciary intervention.
La manifestation de samedi à Al-BAb

The demonstration of saturday in Al-BAb

  • According to Jan Egeland, a UN adviser, “the war in Syria is still going on among the civilian population, the conflict is not over, it just moved from one area to another. “

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