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Une semaine sur la Syrie, Semaine 18 de 2020

Une semaine sur la Syrie,

Semaine 18 de l’an 2020

Nous continuons inlassablement, grâce à notre infatigable veilleur et archiviste, à offrir à nos lecteurs cette rubrique hebdomadaire composée d’une sélection d’articles, informations, études et rapports glanés sur la semaine qui précède.

« Une sélection d’événements, études, articles et rapports sur la Syrie et la vie des syriens en une semaine, dense et variée, très exhaustive. « 

Sketch from eyewitness photo in Moria camp, Lesbos, by the american artist Marc Nelson.

-In Memory of the Massacres of Banyas City May 2 to 4, 2013, Syrian Regime carried out mass killings al Bayda village & Ras al Nabea neighborhood in Tartus governorate’s suburbs claiming the lives of at least 459 civilians, inc. 92 children &71 women #Syria

1– Rapports et Etudes:

@reemsalahi writes for @CH_MENAP about the shape of local governance in reconciled areas: what we can learn from them, what may possibly be repeated, and what likely cannot.

-What is left of Syria’s tribes, and what role do they play in organizing a society in chaos?

-Situation Report: April 15 – 28, 2020


#Syrie : manifestation à Idleb contre les jihadistes

-Locals in #Idlib say ‘#Regime forces bombed..#Kansafra, #Al_Bara #Benin and #KafrAweid#Nairab…on a daily basis…despite..#Ceasefire..It is believed that the aim of the bombing is to prevent displaced people returning to their homes in the area’

-Displaced #Syria ns in Idlib welcome Ramadan while longing for home |

-« Key Idlib highway remains focal point of protests »,

– Dying To Keep Warm: Oil Trade And Makeshift Refining In North-West #Syria via @bellingcat

– Hay’at Tahrir al Sham killed a civilian in targeting a protest in Ma’aret al Na’san village in Idlib #Syria

3-Agir pour Idlib :

-In Syria’s Idlib city, a caravan spreads the word about coronavirus –

– « Is #Idlib headed towards internal strife? » NEW in-depth look at #HTS‘s increasingly complex position inside #Idlib — pushed into a corner, running low on income sources, a divided leadership & a sharply critical population.

-Les Syriens déplacés retournent dans leurs maisons détruites à Idlib. La menace du coronavirus se profile

-“Nowhere has the international community failed more appallingly at protecting health workers than in #Syria, where doctors and nurses have labored for nearly a decade under the constant threat of airstrikes” by the Syrian regime and #Russia’s forces.

Afrin :- En #Syrie, au moins 46 morts dans un attentat au camion-citerne à Afrin

4-Coronavirus and Syria:

– Ravaged by war, Syria’s health care system is utterly unprepared for a pandemic

-What’s the truth behind the coronavirus spread in Syria? Withholding of info on #coronavirus deaths in #Syria.


 -Kurdistan Isn’t Ready for the Coronavirus |

5-Aide humanitaire:

-The sanctions targeting the Syrian regime do not target humanitarian or medical aid needed to fight the #COVID19. They were imposed due to regime’s abuses against the Syrians and must not be lifted under false pretences, says the latest @snhr report. Russia, Iran, and Other Countries Supporting the Syrian Regime Should Provide It with Medical Supplies to Combat the Coronavirus Instead of Supplying It with Weapons, Forces, and Mercenaries

-The UNSC should immediately reverse its Jan ’20 decision to cease all aid delivery from #Iraq to NE #Syria. 2 million people are now at risk, just days after the area declared its 1st #COVID19 death. Important from @hrw :

-The @WHO, « responsible for international public health, » removed a draft UNSC request to open a crucial border crossing from #Iraq into #Syria to help combat #COVID19. A shameful submission to [#Russia] pressure, putting politics above saving lives.

6- Refugees:

-‘The 12,000 refugees in the camp have no access to medical aid since Jordan closed its border with the families ultimately left to fend for themselves.’

-Lockdowns have been implemented in many countries to combat the spread of #COVID19, including in refugee host countries. In Lebanon, curfews target specific refugee communities, which impacts aid delivery & fuels anti-refugee sentiment and xenophobia.

7- Le régime et la société :

-Damascus resident Karam Mansour writes a first-hand account of life in the now-empty Syrian capital, where militiamen patrol the streets, shops do business in secret, and the homeless have abruptly disappeared.  “9 years of slaughter #Syria, we’ve paid little attention to numbers of victims outside. Death in our country, immense & ever-present, has been our sole concern, distracting us from events and victims elsewhere”.

-Les prix des produits alimentaires ont doublé en un an en Syrie, atteignant désormais un record historique, équivalent à 14 fois la moyenne des prix avant le début de la guerre en 2011, a annoncé lundi le Programme alimentaire mondial (PAM).

#Syria Sees Rise in Suicide, Murder Cases During Curfew |

-‘Assad wants them to die of coronavirus,’ say families of #Syria‘s missing…

-Khaled al Nouri, from Damascus suburbs, arrested in2013, by Syrian regime since then he was enforced to disappear.On Apr25, 2020,SNHR received information stated that he is probably died due to torture in Seydnaya Military Prison in Damascus suburbs #Syria

-The Assad regime continues to prevent most residents of the Palestinian Yarmouk Camp from returning to their homes

-A new Syrian state-produced drama has come under heavy criticism for featuring a photo of a young woman believed to have been tortured and killed by security forces in 2013,

8-Le clan Assad :

-Règlements de compte au sein de la famille #Assad – JP Filiu

– Rami Makhlouf takes spat with #Syria‘s Assad public in video plea

– Le clan Assad se déchire pour les « dépouilles » de la #Syrie

-New Decision to Seize Rami Makhlouf’s Assets in Syria

-, Asma al-Assad is behind a systematic effort to take over Makhlouf’s assets

#Assad family tree put together by @Karam__Shaar in Arabic & English. All 58 names have associated biographical information. – « Bashar al-#Assad: a man with a clan »

-Both Assads (father & son) used sectarianism as a tool. They fueled & structured it to serve the survival of the regime. A great study by @OmranDirasat shows the sectarian distribution of the top 40 positions in the army (Alwaties are 12% of population)


– As unrest continues to threaten a fragile status quo in Syria’s southwest, @syriauntold_en recently spoke with European University Institute researcher Abdullah Al-Jabassini about what’s next for the region


-Iran’s oil exports to Syria have increased substantially in recent weeks and currently several cargoes have reached the Baniyas port in Syria.

11-Russie :

-Putin is letting his impatience show with #Syria n ally Bashar al-Assad…

-Astana is run by #Russia but depends on #Turkey. It’s up to Turkey to decide how long and to what benefit it wants to keep entertaining a Russian show that doesn’t protect the Turkish border, doesn’t manage refugee flows, or doesn’t address roots of the conflict.

12- Israel:

– « We’ve moved on from blocking #Iran’s entrenchment in #Syria to muscling it out of there & we shall not stop ».


 -ISIS’s Increased Visibility Update by  @GhadawiAbdullah on ISIS’ evolving Syria strategic.

-How transitional justice can provide alternative avenues for holding local #ISIS members to account while contributing to the healing of communities in NE #Syria. Northeastern Syria is a clear example of the limited ability of counterterrorism laws to provide ISIS victims with justice.… via @ChathamHouse

14-Armes Chimiques :

Human rights experts tell @aljumhuriya_net the recent #OPCW report on #Assad’s #chemical attacks could form crucial evidence in future war crimes trials—if there were ever enough international political will to hold any

 – La traque en sources ouvertes de la bombe au sarin préférée du régime syrien via @SyrieFactuel

15-Interview :

– Guerre civile en #Syrie : entretien avec Arthur Quesnay sur le sort Idlib et du nord-est syrien – Les clés du Moyen-Orient

16-Patrimoine: -The Lion of ‘Ain Dārā (Afrin Valley, Syria)

17- Les nouvelles consciences de la société syrienne :

-8yrs ago, 16-yr-old Fuad Issa established an NGO to deliver food boxes. Today, « Violet » employs 2,000 people & 1,000 volunteers, saving lives & delivering aid. It’s on the frontline in #Idlib‘s #COVID19 preparations.

– Coronavirus : « La situation me rappelle celle de mon pays », témoigne un médecin syrien exerçant en France #Syrie[twitter]-…

– Omar Youssef Souleimane : « Pour le régime #syrie n, le coronavirus est un complot des américains » via @franceculture

– An immigrant, businesswoman, and resident of Southfield Township for 25+ years, Shadia is committed to serving the community that welcomed her with open arms after fleeing the oppressive regime of her home country of Syria.

100 Faces of the Revolution The faces behind the numbers. A group of excellent activists from around the world have come together to work on this. 100 stories behind the revolution.

#Syrian opposition warns of ‘catastrophe’ if #coronavirus infects #detainees after death of prison guards…

-After Losing His Hand, This #Syria n Refugee is Rebuilding His Life Through Gaming “I’m not only focused on improving at the game and increasing my YouTube channel size, but also to help others. I want to be a role model for those with issues similar to mine. I want to inspire and encourage them to pursue their dreams and never give up on achieving their goals. I want to help them have their ‘Booyah’ moment in life because if I can, so can they,”

-A childhood that has already seen too much #Syria Even by Syrian standards his story is remarkable; a testament not only to the repeated layers of suffering caused by war, but to the human will to survive.

18- Justice:

The Arrival of the Torturers,  A personal account of the first day of a landmark Syria torture trial in Koblenz, Germany by Mansour Omari

 -The significance of Anwar Raslan & Eyad al-Gharib’s trial in Germany last week for crimes of torture, rape, and killing in Syria by @MiddleEastInst‘s @IbrahimAlAssil

#Syrie Crimes contre l’humanité : Après l’Allemagne, la France pourrait bientôt juger d’anciens……

-Torture and death: Life in al-Khateeb detention center


-The world to #Syria: « Just stay in your country and die. » Interview with



Exposition en ligne “Les camps de réfugiés, l’insoutenable précarité” par Houda Kassatly – du 14 avril au 23 mai | Alice Mogabgab Gallery… via @libanews


#Syria and the Lust for Power – Sam Dagher’s “Assad or We Burn the Country: How One Family’s Lust for Power Destroyed”…


-The news of Deir Ezzor in April- 2020, you can read DeirEzzor24 network monthly magazine, which includes all the reports and details that have occurred in the province during the whole month.

23-Les Syriens:

– Walthamstow restaurant cooks hundreds of free meals for Whipps Cross staff #Syria

-Abdul Rahman raconte son ramadan à Alençon, en période de confinement

– Syrian refugees donate 100 meals to hospital. Syrian Dinner Project is a pop-up restaurant set up by five Syrian women who came to Wales with their families under the Syrian Resettlement Scheme, supported by the British Red Cross, in 2015. #Syria

#Syria ns recall war-torn homeland after Nova Scotia shootings | Mirna Yazji recalled hearing and watching people get killed, losing friends and escape her home in #Homs in the middle of the night with her family after it was devastated by bombs in 2012.

-The never-ending tragedy of Syrians.  Ali El Hemdan, a refugee from Syria, was shot in the heart by the police on the ground that he did not abide by their « stop » warning.

24- La Syrie en virtuelle, Global Syria :

-Dimanche 3 mai, 16h, Coordination de la révolution syrienne Paris, rassemblement de soutien au peuple syrien,  CPRS_20200503_16h00-18h30_GoToMeeting Merci de participez à la réunion: depuis votre ordinateur, tablette ou smartphone Code d’accès: 439-072-037

Vous n’utilisez pas encore GoToMeeting ? Téléchargez l’application dès maintenant et soyez prêt pour votre première réunion :

-I Am the One Who Brings Flowers to Her Grave, #Syria : A film by Hala Alabdalla 2006.

– « Euphratian Tour » program, episode 13, the episode below is translated into English for those interested in following the heritage of Deir Ezzor and its history.

-metmuseum: #AllByYourShelf Pick of the Day: « Raqqa Revisited: Ceramics of Ayyubid Syria » Enjoy a mesmerizing chronicle of ceramic objects from the medieval city of Raqqa in this 2006 publication. Read it:

-Virtual Screening of For Sama and Q & A with filmmaker, Waad Alkateab, and SETF Executive Director, Mouaz Moustafa-…